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A New Year and a Deepity

A short video by Fr. Robert Barron, to start off the new year. Here is the summary: He starts by referring to what “serious theists” think about the word “God. Points out that many use the word very differently, calling … Continue reading

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Religion and the Illusion of Moral Authority

This post in response to a comment I received about the source of morality in society: But I realize religion, even with its negatives, remains a net positive in human endeavors because it supplies something that cannot be supplied by … Continue reading

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Life, Meaning, and Entropy

I just watched a very nice video about our short time on this planet. I particularly like how he says we “defy entropy and impermanence through our films and our poems”. I would only add that we also transcend it … Continue reading

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The Trinity and Coherency

When I hear things like this (taken from the Catechism of the Catholic Church, but could well be from any Christian Church): The Trinity is One. We do not confess three Gods, but one God in three persons, the “consubstantial … Continue reading

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What would it take for me to believe the Resurrection?

So in a comment on a previous post, I am asked “what sort of evidence would convince you of, let’s say, the resurrection of Jesus?” I want to break this up into two separate questions, because it will put into … Continue reading

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Unbelievable Project: The Probability of the Resurrection

The Probability of the Resurrection – Calum Miller & Chris Hallquist – Unbelievable? – 06 July 2013 – Is the resurrection 97% likley as Swinburne claims? As part of the Unbelievable Project, I am taking notes and “arm-chair” responding to … Continue reading

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Christianity and morality

In a comment to one of my posts about miscellaneous Christian ideas, David Marshall asks the following question: Why do you suppose that you think slavery is wrong?  How do you know it isn’t because you are at the end of … Continue reading

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