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Presuppositions and Science

I heard on a podcast a theist say that he had a problem with Victor Stenger.  The critique was phrased something like, that Dr Stenger put his atheism first in his explanations, that he has a presupposition against against using … Continue reading

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Textual Transmission Bottlenecks

So I’ve been thinking about the origins of Christianity and the texts that we have which concern it.  Then I watched Richard Carrier’s new presentation on why he thinks Jesus didn’t exist, and I started thinking about this again.  The … Continue reading

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Trying to figure out fiction I like – Game of Thrones semi-fail

So I just read the first book of the Fire and Ice series (Game of Thrones), and am not going to read any more. In fact, I pulled a “24” on it. This is a reference to what I did … Continue reading

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