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What would it take for me to believe the Resurrection?

So in a comment on a previous post, I am asked “what sort of evidence would convince you of, let’s say, the resurrection of Jesus?” I want to break this up into two separate questions, because it will put into … Continue reading

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A question for theists: why do you not believe UFOs are alien spacecraft?

Now, I am really not trying to be snarky here, so please hear me out.  Try to honestly ask yourself the question: what evidence would make you reasonably sure that a UFO claim is in fact an alien spacecraft? Would … Continue reading

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Unbelievable Project: The Probability of the Resurrection

The Probability of the Resurrection – Calum Miller & Chris Hallquist – Unbelievable? – 06 July 2013 – Is the resurrection 97% likley as Swinburne claims? As part of the Unbelievable Project, I am taking notes and “arm-chair” responding to … Continue reading

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Baseball and the Naming of the Gospels

So I was listening to the Reasonable Doubts podcast, and in either the episode on the nativity or the one on the reasonableness of Christianity (both debates), the theist in the debate said something to the effect that, had the … Continue reading

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