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Star Trek and Storytelling

I’m a big fan of Star Trek. I grew up with it (on re-runs), followed the Next Generation and Deep Space Nine with interest. I did skip Voyager and Enterprise, but definitely follow the recent reboot movies. Although I still … Continue reading

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A little about miracles

I listened to a recent interview (Part 2) with Matthew Ferguson on the Don Johnson show, which I found pretty impressive. Matthew Ferguson has a very interesting blog that I just found, and have been enjoying reading. Initial Comments However, … Continue reading

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Creationist Math

Introduction So I got pointed to the, which if you haven’t poked around on the site, you really should. It is quite interesting (not really in a good way). However, I want to look at a particular article on … Continue reading

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Design, the Origin of Life, and Creationism

I just listened to a recent Unbelievable podcast, an episode about the origin of life. ┬áThe creationist made the claim that all of the scientific attempts at a naturalistic, non-design method for creating the initial life on the planet have … Continue reading

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