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The Florida problem – a new intuition

1. Introduction In a prior couple of posts here and here I look into the “evil” probability problem of the girl-named-Florida. This problem compares the following two situations: Say you know a family has two children, and further that at … Continue reading

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Faster than light…a likely solution

A solution to the “faster-than-light” neutrinos is likely to have been found. In the words of the article, If it stands up, this episode will be laden with irony. Far from breaking Einstein’s theory of relatively, the faster-than-light measurement will … Continue reading

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Faster than light…why the lawyer is wrong

In a post well outside of his expertise, lawyer Michael D. Cicchini weighs in on the recent observation that some neutrinos have been observed traveling faster than the speed of light. In his own words “I try to stick to … Continue reading

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