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The Not-so-Hidden Flaw in this Climate Argument

There are sometimes people think that I am a global warming denier (I’m not), but I am not entirely convinced that the dire predictions from the global warming camp are supported by the evidence. I am skeptical of conclusions based … Continue reading

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A bit of must-read economics

In the face of Obama’s new healthcare initiative, which includes provisions to cap the increases in insurance costs, you can read here a nice description of the problems of fixing maximum prices. When the Government caps prices to help people, … Continue reading

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Coin flips and names (Evil problems in probability continued)

In my post about the girl-named-Florida problem, there is a factor in the analysis looking at the probability of having a girl named Florida given that you have two girls: P(F|2g). This term is easily calculated as which I used … Continue reading

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Magnetic therapy getting under my skin

Introduction Every year my family goes to the flower show in Providence. It’s a nice time, seeing flowers in the middle of February, snacking on the pretzel and dip samples, and seeing all of the house and garden related vendors. … Continue reading

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